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Rooster & Wolf - Special Brandy

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The adventurous side of life

Rooster & Wolf is a fine brandy, produced in Cognac, France. A fine brandy as a brandy is intended: pure and prepared in potstills.

The Rooster and the Wolf
Rooster & Wolf stands for the love of animals and nature.
Rooster & Wolf is named after Rick’s grandfather Bram den Haan (Dutch for ‘Rooster’) and his father Jacques van der Wolf. Both the rooster and the wolf are our spirit animals that guide us on our adventures.

The Rooster
• Cocky, protective, fierce, proud
• Drinks Rooster & Wolf pure at the fall of dawn

The Wolf

• Elegant, solitary, precautious, ferocious
• Drinks Rooster & Wolf as a cocktail during the nightlife

Production process
• In Cognac, France
• In collaboration with the fourth generation master distillers (in their distillery they mainly create Cognac)
• White wines from several French regions; Cognac, Bourgogne, Armagnac, Languedoc, Elzas
• Variety of graphes: Colombard, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc
• Distilled twice in copper potstills
• Maturation in French oak barrels; first in new and in old barrels afterwards
• Aged for 3 years

Color: rich gold
Description: intense but smooth, easy to drink
Taste: fruity, floral, with a finish of vanilla
Alcohol: 40%

Specials, Specials
Inhoud - %
700 ml - 40% Vol