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Press Release: Rooster & Wolf takes next adventurous step


Press Release: Rooster & Wolf takes next adventurous step

Brand of brandy found exclusive distributor in Cooper & Barrel

Life’s a journey, is the slogan of Rooster & Wolf Fine Brandy. The brand of brandy itself made a real journey and is ready for the next step: Cooper & Barrel is now the exclusive distributor of Rooster & Wolf. That means not only a streamlined logistics, but training for bartenders and liquor stores as well.

“With the team of Rooster & Wolf, we can look back on several years of hard work. But it worked out well and a lot of new experiences came on our way. Our participation in the Masters of Luxury fair and our cooperation with the great fashion brand Hugo Boss, for example,” says owner-creator Rick van der Wolf. “But the best part of our story, is that the consumer is fond of our brandy. To service the consumer and retailer even more, we join forces with Cooper & Barrel.”

Cooper & Barrel is even excited about the distributorship of Rooster & Wolf. “This brandy is a great addition to our exclusive bartender driven portfolio of brands. The product, the taste and the whole marketing around it, fits in our vision. There are so many ideas for activations and trainings we like to organize!”

The partnership started officially late December 2016. In addition to trainings in bars and liquor stores, there will be soon a special Rooster and Wolf event. Rick: ,,I’m very excited about this. We never organised a real launch party and now we will have a very special one! On the 1st of May we will welcome a delegation of Dutch top bartenders in the Rotterdam zoo ‘Diergaarde Blijdorp’. This is the place where it all started… This ‘Zoo Trip’, as we call it, will be full of surprises. And brandy cocktails of course!’’ After ‘Blijdorp’ the next event will be the Perfect Serve Barshow Amsterdam. Rooster & Wolf will be one of the labels here, that are presented under the ‘umbrella’ of Cooper & Barrel.