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The Cocchi ChocoCocktail Competition 2018 | The Results

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The Cocchi ChocoCocktail Competition 2018 | The Results

Meet the judges - Mr. Matthijs Wilhelmus, Ingmar Voerman, Laura Schacht & Daryl Lieuw-On


Mr. Ben Lobos, Dr. Rotterdam


Choco Teatro by Ben Lobos 
30ml Cocchi Dopo Teatro Amaro Vermouth
25ml Rutte Single Oat Jenever infused with Cacao Nibs
25ml Kamm & Sons British bitter
5ml Ancho Reyes Verde Chile Liqour
Stirred and served up in a coupe & garnish with Chilli Chocolate
Pour all ingredients into a soda siphon
150ml Rutte Single Oat Jenever
50ml Cocchi Amaro
15g Cacao Nibs
20g Chilli Chocolate powder
2 Soda charges and let rest in fridge for 15 minutes before serving

Lindsay Grunewald, Noah Rotterdam

Lindsay Grunewald - second one upct8q7413-edit

Bittersweet by Lindsay Grunewald
50ml Rooster and Wolf Brandy
35ml Cocchi di Torino
10ml de Kuyper Creme de Cacao white
2 dashes of Regan's orange bitters

Stirr and garnish with an orange zest

Helder Fortes Silva, Dr. Rotterdam



60ml Cocchi Barolo Chinato
35ml Don Q Spiced Rum infused with Cacao nibs and coffee
15ml Campari
4 dashes Fee brothers black walnut bitters
1 eggwhite
Swizzle and shake, then fine strain over ice. Garnish with a zest of orange, a blackberry & raspberry
Don Q Infusion_
Pour the bottle of rum over a coffee filter with 10 gram of coffee powder. After the coffee , let the rum infuse for 4 days in 80 gram of cacao nibs and a 45 gram raw cacoa bar from the supermarket.


Wouter Bosch, Rosalia's Menagerie

The Swansea & Mumble
30ml De Kuyper Creme de Cacao white
30ml Rutte Old Simon 
15ml Cocchi Americano
15ml fresh lemon juice
5ml De Kuyper Dry Curacao 
Thrown & served straight up - garnished with a lemon zest

Iman Lammering, NY Basement

John & Giulio's
35ml Cocchi di Torino
15ml De Kuyper Creme de Cacao brown
15ml Mandarine Napoleon
10ml Rutte Sloe Gin
1 barspoon Orange blossom water
2 dashes Bittertruth Chocolate Bitters
Stir all ingredients and strain over ice - garnished with a chocolatebar of ice (walnut bitters & orange zest)


60ml Cocchi Americano
15ml De Kuyper Creme de Cacao white
20ml fresh lemon juice
15ml pure cacao nibs infused liqueur de Violettes
Shake & strain the first 3 ingredients and strain in a coffee cup - garnish with a the Violette liqueur for the colour change.

The Winner - Helder Fortes Silva, Dr. Rotterdam